Are You Living A Worthy Life?

“The unexamined life is not worth living.” – Socrates // Image CTTO: An Verburgh

It is about time to contemplate on life now. Now, that we are facing this pandemic that has and is shaking the modern era of technology and fast life, or maybe, just now… at the time being.

There are many self-help, psychology-wrapped books out in the market but have you questioned the bulk that it has piled up in the libraries, stores, and bookshelves year by year? That it seems that there is no perfect book for you? The answer lies in our search to Find Meaning in Life.

Are we really truly happy and in content when we have reached the peak of our careers? Happily married, with or without kids? Job stability with caviars on plate? Famous for our crafts? Gold bars in our accounts?

Come to think of it. Pause.

We currently live in a world where perfection is bliss but not all had tasted it, where dog-eat-dog is the name of the game, where the cycle of wanting more never stops. And in which I recall one of my secondary teacher’s words that when we graduate, we will be facing a jungle out there… it truly is.

I deem not to give a concrete answer with this, as it has always been a continuous search even to the author. It is never ending. I sometimes think of this as something rooted from philosophical background, maybe in the process of filling up emotional emptiness, or in search of spiritual connection.

Let’s just stop. Think. It is what we are supposed to be doing.

Maybe the response can be found in the minute things often neglected. Reminisce the times when you have lend a hand to your neighbor and has appreciated your efforts, when you gave your time to listen to a friend in need and has been grateful with your presence, or perhaps when you had shared a plate to the “housed” elders and orphaned kids and they all showed their genuine smiles back at you.

We have to remember that we are only a speck of dust in the totality of the population. The worthiness of our lives depends not on self-interest motives but making something that benefits the most, that may leave a mark on someone’s life, that is rightfully done according to how God wants us to do.

When we have been experiencing the bright sun shinning and birds chirping as we walk our way to work, when we sip a good cup of tea that eases and comforts us after a long day, or perhaps, when we are not currently sick and have enough food on the table makes us feel that we are blessed. Blessings are meant to be shared, to be talked about as the song says “so blessed, I can’t contain it, so much, I’ve got to give it away”. It is something to be passed on so in a way we ripple happiness in a person or two. Maybe our purpose in life is to do good and be a blessing to someone.

Now that the finale has been reached and the fragments of ideas been jotted down, I will have to leave this question to you, my dear readers, what makes you feel that you have been living a worthy life? 🔒

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